Career Consulting

Allow Us to Guide You

In addition to placing top caliber talent,   MC Pharma Consultants offers a myriad of 100mg viagra from canadian pharmacy professional career consulting services, to the active and buy orlistat canada passive job seeker, to bypass every corporate gatekeeper and get you in front of the right hiring manager.

Cover letters are the primary introduction piece between the jobseeker and the recruiter. If your cover letter is too dense, most recruiters or hiring managers become disinterested, but if your cover letter is too brief, then how does the potential employer know you’re capable? Know your audience. MC Pharma Consultants will offer you the kamagra online pharmacy rare balance of highlighting your specific qualifications succinctly, while giving your cover letter enough of a “personal touch” to catch the eye of any recruiter.

“MC Pharma Consultants helped me realize my full potential. As a busy professional, keeping up with your own resume is not always easy to accomplish. MC Pharma assisted me in fully updating and creating a winning resume.”  
– C Walker

Getting You to Stand Out

Often, HR professionals and recruiters will review several dozen resumes a week. The question is: how do you stand out? MC Pharma Consultants offers jobseekers professional services to revise a current resume or create an industry/level specific resume. We will identify keywords, help you structure your background by category experience, and emphasize the progressive track of your work history so hiring managers will have a panoramic, well-balanced overview of your qualifications.

Once your resume and cover letter are complete and you’ve been requested to come in, preparing for the interview becomes crucial. Given MC Pharma Consultants long-standing relationships with our clients, we offer talent a rare glimpse into the interview assessment process. Every interview is different, but there are very common hurdles every candidate, whether new grad or seasoned candidate, needs to surmount in order to advance in the interview process and generic viagra cialis levitra cheap receive an offer letter.

Even for new clients to our roster, MC Pharma Consultants offers over twenty years of interview coaching tools to our talent. We will systematically develop strategies for the candidate so they may score highly when interviewing with any potential employer in any field.