MC Pharma Consultants is a medical marketing recruitment firm that targets talent in the pharmaceutical advertising and the medical education fields.

Servicing the New York City metropolitan area, MC Pharma Consultants identifies talent based on the client’s need and uses a personal approach to match the best candidate with the right job opportunity.

Servicing clients in fields ranging from Account Services to Creative Services, MC Pharma Consultants prides itself as being the consulting firm that works in tandem with your strategic staffing needs to help your organization more effectively identify and retain talent.


At MC Pharma Consultants, we take the time to get to know the particulars of every open opportunity and carefully prescreen our candidates, whom we primarily attract through rigorous online marketing and twenty years worth of referrals in the medical marketing industry.

We have the ability to tailor our capabilities to serve small and larger scale agencies and firms, offering them a unique array of candidates who not only fill the requirements of the role, but also embody personal characteristics that are targeted to blend with the specific culture of each client we serve. This allows us to further build upon our professional relationships with clients by understanding their interpersonal demands while preserving their business.

If you have an open opportunity, then MC Pharma Consultants will work actively to find the talent to address all your present and long-term staffing needs.